Pat O'Scannell's An Cailín Gaelach

Pat O’Scannell’s An Cailín Gaelach

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Tuesday, August 13 and September 11.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Lyrical Gaelic Songs and compelling tunes on whistle, fiddle and bodhran.

Pat O'Scannell has been a masterful player in the Irish genre for over twenty five years. Her Celtic band which included multi-instrumentalist Sue Carney, harpist Janet Naylor and Piper Murray Huggins, toured the West Coast during the eighties, producing three recordings, and playing at festivals and in folk clubs from San Diego to British Columbia. She has worked with Tomaseen Foley, Kevin Carr, Josie Mendelssohn, James Kiegher and Men of Worth, Brian Freeman, Michael Beglin, Christy Deleney, David Lovine and Kevin Burk. She studied 'sean nos' singing with traditional piper and Ulster singer Danny McGinley in the 80's, and had a single whistle lesson with Mary Bergen in a bathroom at the Gaelic Institute in Galway in 1987. She currently plays with Daniel Carr, Morgan O'Shaughnessey, and Kevin Carr in the local area at Paddy Brannan's and the Playwright.

Morgan O'Shaughnessey, Irish fiddler. Morgan studied at the San Francisco Conservatory, obtaining his B.A. in viola in 2011. He plays with 'Dr. Flotsom's Carney Bastards' (Outside Lands Festival) and the Friday Night String Mafia.

Sue Carney is a skilled instrumentalist within the traditional Irish music genre. Her bodhran playing takes the instrument to another level, and her subtle use of the harmonium in this program is tasteful and creative. Years on the road as a Celtic musician, Irish heritage and connection to County Cavin, composer of a program in the traditional Irish style which played for six months as a Green Show. Bodhran studies with Tommy Hayes, one of Ireland's finest bodhran players.

An Cailín Gaelach on Community: The Celtic and Irish Music playing folk in our town, who congregate on Sunday afternoons at the Black Sheep. The Ashland Folk Music Club and The Gaelic speaking public. Irish Gaelic is a beautiful, of not often heard language. Any Gaelic speaker living in our area, or passing through would love to hear traditional songs in their own tongue. Proponents of Irish Culture. There are lots of these folks around...they have passionate views about their Irish heritage, and are strongly drawn to anything which celebrates that which is traditionally 'Irish' Fiddlers: Whether it be old timey fiddlers, Bluegrass fiddlers, Irish or Scottish fiddlers.......fiddlers love to hear a good fiddler, and Morgan is great! Irish whistle players. Reynaldo Reyburn is a world-class builder of modern metal whistles for traditional Irish players. Over the years Pat O'Scannell has worked closely with Renaldo, as he asked her advice as he developed his instrument over the years. Anyone who has even a passing interest in the tin whistle must see this show! Folk Musicians: Folkeys will love this show! Ethnic Percussion afficianados. These folk will flock to hear this essential tribal drum of Ireland played in a live context by a master.

Pat O'Scannell