Dirty Cello

Dirty Cello

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Tuesday, July 16 and Thursday, July 18.

This is their second season in the OSF Green Show

Cello! Guitar! Gypsy! Blues! Jazz! Folk! Amazing...

Rebecca Roudman is a professional cellist in the Oakland East-Bay Symphony, the Santa Rosa Symphony, and the Jazz Mafia. She has performed with Carlos Santana, Isaac Hayes, Liz Phair and Lyrics Born, and shared a stage with Elvis Costello, JJ Cale and Ry Cooder. She is well-known in the bay area for being a very versatile cellist, being able to play all sorts of musical genres - from classical to rock to improv.

Dirty Cello on Community: Our community is everyone who loves music with a backbeat and some groove. Dirty Cello connects to a worldwide community through a strong youtube and Facebook presence.