Dúo Flamenco with Spanish Dance

Dúo Flamenco with Spanish Dance

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Saturday, September 14.

This is their fifth season in the OSF Green Show.

Spanish Flamenco dance, guitar, song and percussion.

Grant Ruiz (guitar, vocals) is a local musician and teacher who has performed in several Green Shows and plays at the OSF since 2002. He is currently a board member of the Jefferson Classical Guitar Society.

Terry Longshore, PhD (percussion, vocals) has performed internationally and throughout the United States. He performs regularly as a soloist and with several ensembles. He has taught at several universities and currently serves as Director of Percussion Studies at Southern Oregon University. He has performed in several Green Shows and plays at the OSF. Dúo Flamenco formed in 2007 out of a mutual passion for the art form.

Elena Maria Villa, PhD (dance) is a professional flamenco dancer and teacher in Eugene. She has performed and taught flamenco and Arabic-Spanish fusion since the mid-1990s and is also an expert belly dancer. She is an organizer of the Gypsy Caravan stage at the annual Oregon Country Fair.

Mónica Morales Carnicerno (dance) was raised in Cádiz, one of the capitals of flamenco. She has studied with Concha Baras, mother of the great Spanish dancer Sara Baras. She currently teaches dance in Medford and Ashland.

Dúo Flamenco with Spanish Dance on Community: We have a small but active flamenco community in the valley, and Terry and Grant form the nucleus. Elena is a major figure in the flamenco and belly dance scene in Eugene. We are all interested in reaching out to other members of the musical and dance community who have an interest in synthesis with flamenco. Other possible groups include salsa, tango, rumba, bellydancing, east Indian dance and fire dancing.