Performing in the 2013 Green show Thursday, August 1.

This is their sixth season in the OSF Green Show.

Hamfist: We take pretty songs and make 'em purdy.

Ezra "EZ" Severin: Ukulele, harmonica. Former OSF scenic carpenter.

James F. Dean, a.k.a. "Cletus T. Cornhauler:" Mandolin. OSF Special Projects Engineer

Joe "G-Slim" Porto: Bass. OSF musician and scenic construction supervisor

Jesse "The Kid" Baldwin: Banjo, dobros. OSF musician, former lighting technician

Jon "Johnny B" Bates: Guitar OSF sound technician.

Stephany "Bootsy" Smith-Pearson: Accordion, mandolin. OSF grant writer

"Sequoia" Pearson: Guitar. Former OSF custodian.

Hamfist on Community: Our community is anyone who loves melody, harmony and a rockin' good time. We often play for fundraisers, including the Siskiyou Challenge, the Eat Local challenge, the JCLS annual barbeque and many others.