Mitsuki Dazai


Performing in the 2012 Green Show Saturday, August 11.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Japanese koto music from traditional to contemporary

Mitsuki Dazai, originally from Tokyo, Japan, enjoys introducing the sounds of her beautiful koto music anywhere in the world, from casual coffee shop to "Maison du Japon" in Paris. Her musical background is both diverse and extensive as a performer and innovator, arranging and composing koto music in different styles.

Having graduated from Japan's renowned Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo, she then attended the Ikuta School of Japanese Traditional Music. Now sensing the unusual diversity this unique instrument offers, she next committed herself to advanced studies of contemporary and improvisational koto music at the demanding Sawai Koto Institute from which she graduated as an instructor.

Mitsuki Dazai on Community: I live in Eugene area and go up to Portland for lessons & performances. I should say those two cities I live, play and teach are my community...but I truly enjoy go anywhere who love music or diversity of music, I feel very comfortable.